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Okay, kids. We have a returning artist today: Dean Crouser. We haven’t run this blog long, but we already have a repeat favorite artist. I wasn’t sure if we should skip him so we can feature somebody new. But then I said, “[Bleep] it. He did well enough to get popular twice? He did well enough to get featured twice.”
We also have more watercolors, a print, and a couple of bracelets. I find that jewelry and paintings seem to be rather heavily favored. So, let’s get into this week’s top finds, and see if we can’t get you something new to buy.

This leaf print was created by Naomi. The print is based off of one of her original watercolor paintings. This is a magnificent piece, and Naomi has many other great works in her shop. Be sure to check them all out.




This is Dean Crouser‘s second appearance in our Top Finds post. This beautiful watercolor hummingbird is erica’s favorite find of the week, as well. Go visit Dean’s shop, as I’m sure you’ll find something else you love.




This copper wire bracelet, created by Murat, is handmade with copper wire and decorated with sleek pink jade beads. It is a masterfully detailed piece out of Turkey. Be sure to check out the shop it comes from.


Nuria and Lucia’s vintage arrow bracelet is my favorite find this week. It’s a simple piece, but gorgeous. Pink orange coral thread and a brass arrow adorn this piece.




Sylwia painted this original 4″x4″ watercolor. There is only the one available, but if you miss out, you can visit her shop for many other wonderful paintings.





That’s it for this week, friends. Once again, we have many international sellers, showing just how close we are all truly connected. We at Hull Street hope you have a wonderful week. Keep smiling, and remember: We’re all in this together.