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I broke a little window,
And then I ran away.
Zero little neighbor kids
Hung around to play.
I bought a bunch of candy,
And gave it all away,
Only one neighbor kid
Didn’t come that day.

When I got much older,
I drove a little car.
Zero of my friends
Would let me drive them far.
I stole a real nice sports car,
But I got caught the same day.
It only took one officer
To lock my ass away.

Now I am much older,
I’ve learned a lot from life.
I bought a golden ring,
And got myself a wife.
But just a few short days ago,
I learned one final thing.
She straight up went and left me,
And found a bigger ring.

But it’s all okay now,
There’s nothing left to learn.
I’m heading out to Vegas,
’cause I’ve got some cash to burn.
I’ll win a bunch of money,
Then head straight to the mall.
I’m going to buy them presents,
And get my friends back, all.

-Jeb Herrin
“The Root”

I wrote this solely because we couldn’t think of anything to post today. Keep smiling. We’re all in this together.