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Okay, Mr. Barry Tomlinson, prepare to be sold some insurance. Let’s see, the phone number, phone number, phone number. . . Huh, that’s weird. Need to be careful with that.
“Hi there! This is Kate with International Insurance, Inc. May I speak with Barry, please?”
God, I’m good.
“Oh, she’s not here. Let me give you the cell number and see if you can track her down. It’s . . .”
“Thank you very much, madame, and you have a pleasant day.”
She? Her? Okay. Now, that number she gave me. . . Wait a second. That old bitty gave me my own cell phone number!
“Grammy, I’m home and I brought dinner!”
“Hey, how was work? Oh, Kate’s work called today looking for her.”
“Grammy, it’s six at night, what time did they call?”
“About a quarter ’til nine, I think.”
“A quarter? Why didn’t you call me?”
“I didn’t want you to come home from work.”
“I wouldn’t have come home for that. I would have called her house, then her cell. If I still couldn’t get her, I would have called her husband and said, ‘She’s your problem now, find out why my daughter didn’t go to work today.’ Hold on, I’ll go give her a call and see what happened today.”
“Grammy, between you and Kate, I will never have a dull life. That wasn’t someone calling for Kate. It was Kate calling for someone else. Apparently, she was trying to get a hold of some gentleman who’s phone number was one digit away from yours. She didn’t even realize it was you. Once we figured it out, she was like, ‘Yeah, I was surprised that some old bitty would give me my own phone number!”
“Ha ha ha! Oh, lord. I can’t believe that happened. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention.”
“Yeah, well it happens-”
“Wait a second. She called me an old bitty?”


So that may or may not have been a true story in which I changed some names so my sister and grandmother don’t beat me for revealing a personal moment between them. But also, I haven’t posted all week, as my dear sweet mother was quite willing to point out. Also, mom’s birthday is Monday, so make sure you wish her a happy birthday.
We’re about done with a custom order for 30 garlands. It’s the biggest single order we’ve filled since we started Hull Street. It’s always nice to take a moment and look back on some of our big personal wins, like when we got our first international order from Australia. We just sold a few more items to Australia, recently. Another big win was the day we had 97 views on the blog. I was checking in every five minutes to see if we hit 100, but it never happened. Ah well, such is life. Now I’m going to throw in a random photo that has nothing to do with this post, just so I can pin it. I’m a cheater sometimes.
Keep smiling.